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Change the way you handle property conveyancing with beautiful software
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It's about making property
conveyancing effortless

Spend less time on the conveyancing process and
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Amazingly Easy To Use

Designed specifically for property conveyancing, it’s user friendly interface makes tracking and managing of contracts easy, without any software training required.

Automates Conveyancing

Simply enter sales and purchase contract details into the software, and watch it automatically generate the workflow, and all the necessary documents and forms.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud software enables you to access your conveyancing matters online, anytime, and anywhere from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

It's Conveyancing Software-As-A-Service that's Ready-To-Go!

ConveyanceSoft has everything you need for all your property conveyancing needs.

It’s a feature-packed, cloud-based conveyancing software developed by subject matter experts of property conveyancing specifically for use by solicitors and conveyancing professionals.

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Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs

Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual processes of property conveyancing, outdated legal software that’s been way too complex, and being restricted to only working while in the office.

ConveyanceSoft makes it easy to track conveyancing sales and purchases, contract information, adjustments, dramatically increasing your staff productivity and reducing your operational costs. It manages your property conveyancing workload and automatically generates the documents needed by all parties. Staff can get work done wherever, whenever.

Work online on multiple devices
simultaneously from any location!

Whether you are working in the office, or on the move, you will have access to all the property conveyancing information online – all in one place.


ConveyanceSoft is more than
just software, it's a way of working efficiently

ConveyanceSoft is perfect for those who want beautiful software and complete solution in no time.

User interface has been designed to display information in organised spreadsheet-style tables and forms that everyone’s familiar with.
Sales and Purchase Contracts are coloured differently, so you can easily identify between these two contract types.
Property settlements for the current week have their settlement dates highlighted differently for today, tomorrow, the next day and so on.
Search and Filter features enable you to quickly sift through data and find the exact information you are looking for in seconds.

There is very really little, to no staff training required to use the software. This means your staff can get to work straight away!

Cloud Software with 100% Uptime Enables Online Access Anytime, Anywhere!

Our fully managed state-of-the-art Software as a Service (SAAS) runs on enterprise-level Cloud Servers ensuring high-availability and total redundancy for your business.

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ConveyanceSoft is purpose-built
just for property conveyancing work

Unlike legal case management software that handles many areas of law and are way too complex,
ConveyanceSoft is purpose-built software that only handles property conveyancing making it so simple and easy to use for staff.

Take a Second and Learn More About The Features of ConveyanceSoft

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